Bulk SMS The way to the future

April 22, 2012 50 Comments
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Bulk sms

The mobile phone is a device, which has been tremendously popular since the day it was invented. In the olden days, mobile phones were primarily used for calling. However, with the swift strides in telecommunication technology, this device has greatly transformed and now comes with a wide range of highly advanced features. It is a universal device and cuts across race, gender and age barriers.

Out of all the futuristic features offered by a mobile phone, the SMS is quite popular. SMS is abbreviated for Short Messaging Service. Mobile phone users all over the world to send messages when the opposite person fails to answer their call or when they do not have enough credit to make calls use it.

Sending SMS is quite easy and even school going kid are adept at it. You do not have to undergo any specialized training to learn the skill of texting. Everyday people send hundreds of messages to their friends, office colleagues and even strangers. This feature is now exploited for commercial purposes. Bulk SMS marketing is now quite popular with many small and medium sized companies. Bulk SMS marketing comes with quite a few advantages. First and foremost, there is no advertising wastage as you have a clear idea of to whom you are sending the message. Also, you have complete flexibility of sending the desired message.

With TV and print advertising, you cannot control of the time of the message delivery since it is governed by many factors. However, with SMS your potential or existing customer reads marketing you can decide what time and day you want to send the message so that it ensures it. Hence, it is more beneficial. The cost of implementing a bulk SMS marketing plan is quite low. You can easily send bulk SMS in India with the right software. When you look to send bulk SMS, ensure that you follow the right means to acquire phone numbers of prospective buyers.


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