Impact of BULK SMS Service on E-commerce Industry

February 13, 201524 Comments
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Bulk sms company

Bulk SMS Service Provides a unique opportunity to e-commerce website where they can bridge the gap for customer service by offering SMS Service Technology. They are able to improve conversion and sell more goods as per customer choice. With the help of Bulk SMS, you can boost sales, on-site metrics and customer service & customer retention for your website.

Bulk SMS is the process of disseminating large volume of SMS messages to the targeted audience. This audience can be an existing customer or anyone who have opted to an SMS list that is appear on the website.
Areas where use Bulk SMS Service by website owner:

Customer Service: Customer Service can be improved by Bulk SMS Service. Customer can easily text their queries, comments & Feedback on your service.  If any customer purchases a product then found any damages then they can text their problem to customer service & Customer service easily apologies in a smooth way that easily improve customer service.

Payment Security: For e-commerce portal, payment security process is improved with two factors of Authentication. System asks one time password (OTP) before doing payment transaction and that password come to given mobile number which protects from hackers.

Shopping Cart: Registered Customer gets alert SMS for delivery process with update confirmation messages and delivery notification. Regular update service via SMS encourage customer for repeat purchase.
Special discount to loyal customer: You can reward your loyal customer with exclusive discount offer on their phone by sending SMS in special occasion.

Customer Retention: Bulk SMS service help to encourage customer to buy more and more often with special discount & offer & also encourage customer for repeat purchase.
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