Leave All You Campaigning Issues to Bulk SMS Provider

August 3, 2013 24 Comments
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Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS provider is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when there is a need to send SMS to number of customers or prospective clients. It’s not the IT team or the mobile network operator who can help you with this matter but the provider. Here are some things to know better about such providers.

The agencies that offer bulk SMS software companies that possess the required support or software which is used to implement an efficient marketing campaign. The provider acts as a link between you and the Mobile Network Operator. There are number of MNOs that operate across various regions. These providers work on a contract basis with the MNOs to ensure uninterrupted service. With the help of different alternative routes, the providers make sure that your messages reach your respective clients even if the network traffic is high in any particular region.

You will be provided with bulk SMS software or commonly known as SMS Gateway. You can also request for customized gateways to suit your particular needs. For example, the normal Gateways have a capacity of 160 characters short messages that can be sent at a time but if you want more space then you can surely get it. You can also get the gateway customized as per any existing database to get your work done easily.

If you hire SMS service from any reputed company then you get the facility of SLA. It is the space that will include your entire special requirement. It is this space that will offer you anything you can imagine in this service. You can ask for any specific sender ID or high delivery speed and other such features. There are also providers that provide money back guarantee if the terms in the SLA are not met.


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