Bulk SMS

March 28, 2012 15 Comments
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Bulk Sms Service

BULK SMS Services Using Web or bulk sms service, BulkSMS lets you easily use web-based bulk SMS messages. Since they permit you to segment your contacts into groups, it is possible to target a particular percentage of your audience geagraphically by there best data based support software known as MobiTiser.Your Bulk SMS database holds approximately data from more than 250 cities in india including metros like mumbai , delhi,bangalore,chennai,gujarat etc. Using BulkSMS is just as easy.

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Bulk Sms Marketing

Feb 10, 201240 Comments
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Bulk Sms Marketing

Bulk Sms is the technique of sending SMS messages to some group of subscriber customers simultaneously; there are many services that offer these types of services for countries all over the world. Bulk SMS lets you send 1000s of SMS from the computer without Web connection. SMS using GSM modem / phone linked to your PC (as much as 1000 sms/hour). No web connection required, quite simple to use, Ideal for any purpose and SMS marketing. Send unlimited Invitations, Season greetings.

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Bulk Sms Service Provider Delhi

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Bulk SMS Mumbai

A perfect marketing strategy helps in getting great results for your company and gets you more customers. MySMSmantra provides efficient marketing strategies by using amazing technology. Their bulk SMS Delhi service is a user-friendly and economical marketing solution.

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