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Bulk Sms Service

The Branding Dimension
Services Free our crisp ads and laser sharp targeting make your customers value your brand as their needs and requirements are fulfilled right on time. Over a period of time the relevant messages and successful redemptions will enhance your credibility and cement the awareness and recall of your brand.
1. helps you do that with
2. Timely and well targeted Textual Ads
3. Smartly Crafted Personal Ads
Why are Text Ads effective?
These ads are easy to read. They are sent to specific group of people based on the criteria defined by you – who have real use of the advertised wares. A great way to publicize special offers and brand messages.
What happens next?
The customer receives your ad and gets specific and valuable information about your product/service or promotional offer(s).
1. What you gain from it:
2. Get your customers' attention when they most need it.
3. Establish an engaging interaction between your customer and your brand
4. Potential customers become loyal customers as their need has been fulfilled when they needed it.
Why are Personal Ads effective?
Personal Ad is a definite way of getting your Bulk SMS Advertisement read by potential customers, since they receive these ads along with relevant messages from friends and family members. As the advertiser, you get to connect to your customers better. This bonding will result in creating a loyal customer base.
What happens next?
Your SMS ad accompanies relevant personal messages your customers send to their friends, folks and colleagues.
1. What you gain from it:
2. Reach people through targeted advertising in the messages they receive from their friends and co-workers.
3. Your SMS ad is definitely read since it is sent by someone known to the recipient
4. You reach highly potential customers as your SMS ad is pulled on the basis of relevant keywords contained in the personal message sent by your subscriber.


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