The importance of short code service today

July 31, 201248 Comments
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Short Code Service

In today fast paced world, each one of us looks to have quick results and instant profits. The days of five and ten year long marketing plans are over. Advertising agencies now stress more on short term marketing plans in order to keep retain their clients and also acquire more clients. In the olden days, print and broadcast were the pillars of any marketing strategy. However, this has greatly changed in the recent times. New and emerging media is coming to the forefront today with online and SMS marketing forming a major chunk of it. Today, bulk SMS marketing is the talk of the day.

One striking feature of SMS marketing, the short code service is quite popular. Short code is inarguably the most profitable and hassle-free to market your product or service to lakhs of potential clients. This type of mass marketing is widely popular in various industries like real estate, services and so on. There are many companies in the market that have greatly benefited from short code services. Short codes are specialised numbers that are considerably shorter than a standard telephone number. They are quite handy and provide an easy way to reach your desired audience without causing any promotional wastage. Though they may look similar if not same, each service provider has its own short code which is unique to his firm. Many service providers also use a specific short code for a contractual period after which another operator is free to choose that code. This helps to avoid overlaps.

Short code 58888 is quite popular among Indian TV reality shows. Another popular one is short code 56161. There are different things to be well considered before you choose a SMS short code provider. Choosing a right one provides you with several benefits. One, it is a global and a national way to reach demographically diverse audience effectively. You also have the flexibility of choosing the length of the code depending on your specific content needs.


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